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Seasonal Sage Candle

Seasonal Sage Candle

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Seasonal Sage Candle Details:

Discover the captivating scents of the Seasonal Sage Candle! Invigorate your senses with top notes like Fir Needle, Rosemary, Coconut, and Sweet Pine. Delight in the sumptuous middle notes of Spiced Clove and Ground Cinnamon. Finally, bask in the warmth of base notes like Vanilla, Musk, and Crystallized Sugar. Feel the holiday vibes no matter the season!

Made with luxurious coconut/apricot wax and fragrance oils that are clean, phthalate-free, and blended with essential oils.

The wicks are flat braided cotton core wicks designed to promote clean burning and minimize mushrooming and soot from carbon buildup.

Every candle is hand poured and hand labeled in small batches.

10 oz scented candle in an embossed glass jar.

* These lids will fit snug for safety. Instead of twisting the cap to open, just lift up on an edge to remove.