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Palo Santo Candle

Palo Santo Candle - 14 oz

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The Palo Santo candle is the perfect accessory to your daily mindfulness practice. Experience the healing powers of this sacred wood and discover a new level of inner peace. Let the sweet and earthy scent of Palo Santo lift your spirits and carry away any worries. It's like a hug from Mother Nature, but in candle form! (We like to call it ‘candle-therapy’)

Palo Santo Candle Details:

Palo Santo + cedarwood + patchouli

Made with luxurious coconut/apricot wax and fragrance oils that are clean, phthalate-free, and blended with essential oils.

The wicks are flat braided cotton core wicks designed to promote clean burning and minimize mushrooming and soot from carbon buildup.

Every candle is hand poured and hand labeled in small batches.

14 ounces of wax and two cotton wicks in the beautiful, passion print glass jar.